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Choosing the Right Paint for the Job

Updated Sunday, February 17, 2013  ::  Views (3036)

Painting is perhaps the fastest and least expensive way to dramatically improve the look and value of your home. That is of course, if you choose the right paint, both type and colour to suit your decor.   Here are the basics: 

Oil vs. Latex: Oilbased paint takes longer to dry so you may need to wait overnight between coats.  In addition, cleanup is trickier because you need to use turpentine. Its advantage is that it is more durable. On the other hand, Latex-based paint dries quickly so two coats can be applied in one day. Plus, clean-up is easier as you’ll only need soap and water.     

Flat vs. High Gloss: Flat finishes are dull and hide imperfections. High gloss finishes are just the opposite: ultra-bright and revealing. Between these two extremes are low lustre, eggshell, satin, soft gloss and semi-gloss (in order of brightness.)  

Primer: A primer seals the surface, leaving a solid base ready for paint. Primers vary depending on the surface to be covered.  So always check to make sure the primer you choose matches the wall you’re painting.  Furthermore, many of today's premium brand paints come with built in primers, allowing you to bypass any need to prime the walls prior to painting, saving you time.

Low VOC: For those of us who are more health conscience, one should consider a Low or No VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) type paints.  These preimium paints are of equal or better quality than standard paints, however, without the harmful off gassing which regular paints are known for.  

Though painting your home gives you the best return on your investment when it comes to selling, understanding these basics will make your painting job go smoothly and improve the health of your living environment.  In the end, your rooms will look great and you will feel great.

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