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Feb 16

Choosing the Right Paint for the Job

Blog posted by Manny Colucci  ::  Views (3036)
Painting is perhaps the fastest and least expensive way to dramatically improve the look and value of your home. That is of course, if you choose the right paint, both type and colour to suit your decor.   Here are the basics:  • Oil vs. Latex: Oilbased paint takes longer to... [ more ]
Feb 16

Knowing the "Numbers" to Successful Buying and Selling

Blog posted by Manny Colucci  ::  Views (2379)
If you’re considering to put your house on the market, to shop for your next dream home, or both, there are two calculations you need to make:  First, you have to determine the current market value of your house.  This is not what you think it’s worth, but rather what buyers... [ more ]
Feb 14

Using The "Light" Touch to Your Advantage

Blog posted by Manny Colucci  ::  Views (2510)
Obviously, when you’re ready to show your house to potential buyers, you will want it to look its best. What’s the fastest and easiest wayto do that? Let in the light!  By ensuring your home is well lit, you can make every room look more appealing.  Natural light is ideal... [ more ]
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